Bowmore 21 Year

Bowmore Distillery has been nestled on the shoreline of Loch Indaal for over 200 years in the village by the same name. It was founded in 1779 by a local merchant by the name of John Simpson. Every town that has a distillery should be so fortunate as to have the relationship that Bowmore Distillery has with its host village, Bowmore. I have been told that the local townfolk have been known to wander into the stillhouse to warm themselves on some of those bone-chilling winter days that Bowmore can have. If they know you're coming, they just may have your national flag flying on the third flagpole beside the Scotland and United Kingdom flags. Bowmore is at the forefront with practical innovations that benefit the distillery and the community. Its heat recycling system has significantly reduced their reliance on peat. The "waste heat" is used to heat the village's swimming pool, which is located adjacent to the distillery complex, about one city block from the village center. In addition, all waste products are recycled into nutritious cattle feed and fertilizers. At any given time, Bowmore can offer at least six or seven single malts. They generally fall somewhere between the intense malts for which Islay is famous and the more subtle malts of northern Islay. With their variety, there may be one for most any palate.

21 year old

Proof 86
- Color : Full amber.
- Nose : Full, aromatic, and well-balanced, with some smoke, wood, seaweed and sherry.
- Body : Full and rich.
- Palate : Complex, with sherry, nuts, salt and slight oiliness.
- Finish : Warming and lingering, with a light touch of smoke and sweetness.