Bokma Genever Gin 1.0L

BOKMA * Jonge Genever, introduced around the turn of the century, is distilled from pure grain alcohol and has a smooth, delicate taste. It is a popular short drink, and is used as a base for long drinks and cocktails. The most popular distilled spirit in the Netherlands is Jonge Genever, and Bokma's is the market leader. "Malt wine," the basic ingredient of Genever, is distilled from a mixture of wheat, corn, rye, and barley. The production of this malt wine mirrors production of Scotch whisky through the first distillation, which the Scots call "low wines" and the Dutch call "malt wine." The other essential ingredient is juniper berries. Distillers make the final product in several stages, using herbs, neutral spirits, and different quantities of juniper berries according to closely guarded recipes handed down from father to son.