Blue Curacao

A liqueur made from white curacao and blue colouring.

Cocktails and mixed drinks that are blue in color are not only tasty, but are thought to be a bit more fun and festive than other drably colored drinks. The color may be bright and pretty, but did you ever wonder what the ingredient is that makes the drink so vibrant?

More than likely the answer to that question is Blue Curacao.

As you may or may not already know, Curacao is a type of triple sec, which is an orange-flavored liquor that lends a tasty zing to many drink recipes.

Blue Curacao is made much like its colorless counterpart. The sweet, blue, distilled spirit is created by using dried peels obtained from the bitter lahara fruit found on the island of Curacao. Other essences that may also be found in the orange-flavored liquor are sugar, wine, and lemon.

Although all Curacao do have equivalent citrus flavors, the only thing that sets each type apart is its color. It is available in various colors, such as clear, green, red, and orange. But, the most popular color is blue.

The color of Blue Curacao isnít derived from any ingredients that will alter its flavor. Instead, artificial coloring is added to give it the hue that make it the ideal addition to tropical drinks.

Blue Curacao is the go-to ingredient for most drinks that have a brilliant blue hue. So, it is no surprise that the liquor is found on the shelves in many bars, as well as in home bar collections.

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