Bison Grass Vodka

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"Zubrowka" is a specific category of Polish vodka that is made with the extract of bison grass. Bison Grass Vodka features a singular blade of authentic bison grass, grown in the northeastern region of Poland in Bialowieza, know for its prisitne forests and bison herds. It is a premium potato vodka; its bottle has a distinctive grass-green tine that hints at the refreshing and flavorful experience within. Hundreds of years ago, Polish nobility first began infusing their vodka with bison grass in the belief that it provided virility, stamina and power. Over the years, bison grass has been rumored to be an aphrodisiac and a strong influencer of the affairs of the heart.

The myth and mystery surrounding the power of bison grass did have some basis in fact, as the FDA disallowed bison grass as an added ingredient in the late 1970's. Bison Grass Vodka has successfully created the essence of bison grass without including any of the properties that the FDA had found objectionable.

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