Belvedere Black Raspberry Vodka

Belvedere Black Raspberry Vodka Photo

Maceration is the proprietary artisanal process Belvedere uses to create the world’s best super premium favored vodka. It’s a process using only real fruit, herbs and spices, delicately drawing out the vibrant !avours from the freshest whole ingredients combined with the finest super-premium Belvedere vodka and technical expertise.

  • NOSE - Rich, jammy raspberry notes with soft, delicate, rose aromas and an undercurrent of vanilla and baked red fruits.
  • PALATE - Luscious, full bodied mouthfeel with bright raspberry characteristics and elements of rich, succulent black currants; aromatic rose serves to highlight the !oral characteristic of the raspberry and naturally lifts and sweetens the palate.
  • FINISH - Elegant and sustained !oral rose and violet notes with luxuriant elements of cassis and dried fruit stone characteristics.

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