Beefeater Dry Gin

If youíve ever had a gin and tonic, then chances are good that you are familiar with Beefeater Dry Gin. With a taste like no other, and an iconic label mascot who is not soon forgotten, Beefeater Dry Gin is among the most recognized brands in the world.

James Burrough is the man behind the gin. In 1820 he founded his first small distillery in London, located on the river Thames. As a pharmacist, Burrough had the knowledge needed to create a superior gin. After experimenting with an array of strange drink recipes, Burrough turned his focus to gin with the goal of creating a liquor considered to be Londonís finest.

Burrough started his journey by experimenting with ratios and keeping a journal of his findings. He managed to find the magic combination and Beefeater was born.

The recipe that Burrough used to create his gin is quite similar to that still in use today, Burrough started by using grain to create a neutral spirit that emerges from the still clear and hot. The liquid was then again added to the still. However, before adding heat again, he added other ingredients, such as the well-known juniper berry, and allowed it to steep. Once thoroughly steeped, the liquid was heated a second time.

How did Burrough come up with the unique Beefeater name? The answer is simple. The name came is a homage to the yeoman warders whose job it was to guard the Tower of London. These warders were called beefeaters, hence the name of the famous liquor.

While the taste is just one thing that sets Beefeater Dry Gin apart from its competitors, its label has also made quite an impact on consumers.

On the label youíll see a man dressed in period garb, including a cloak, stockings, gloves, and a hat. While some may think he looks like Royalty, he is actually a representation of the namesake guard, who in his day could be compared to todayís club/bar bouncers.

Today Beefeater Dry Gin is one of the most popular liquors on the market. So popular, in fact, that it is very common to see a bottle on a shelf at your favorite bar or in a homeís liquor cabinet. Beefeater Dry Gin is probably best known as a key ingredient in Gin and Tonic, although itís also quite good when mixed with a combination of juices or even all by itself.

The brand is so popular it was given the honor of being a main ingredient in the Royal-Tea cocktail, created in honor of 2007ís movie The Queen. Simply mix with Earl Gray tea, lemon juice, and sugar, and garnish with a slice of lime, and youíll have created a cocktail that is certainly fit for a queen (or king)!

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