Batuque Cachaca

Batuque Superior Cachaša is premium quality spirit, aged in Santos Mahogany barrels. It is considerably smoother than typical clear Cachaša and has a warm, golden amber color. At 84 proof, alcohol content is comparable to other brands but this is where comparison stops. Cachaša around the world is most typically mixed into cocktails (the most famous being the Caipirinha) because most people find the spirit fiery hot to consume if it is not mixed. But this is not what you should expect from Batuque Superior Cachaša. While this Cachaša mixes wonderfully into any cocktail calling for Cachaša, you can also enjoy Batuque straight up or over ice, sipped like the fine spirit that it is. Just as they spared no effort in creating their package, they understood from the beginning that the spirit inside the bottle needed to be of the best possible quality. Cachaša has long been the national spirit of Brazil. It has become amazingly popular in Europe, and is soon to see explosive growth in the USA!