Bafferts Gin

Bafferts Gin Photo

A new twist on a classic taste Bishop Wines and Spirits is pleased to announce the discovery of a ground breaking new gin. Unearthed at a London distillery, Bafferts gin is handcrafted with a closely guarded recipe that dates back to the 1800s. You are sure to be intrigued when you first encounter a bottle of Bafferts gin. The distinctive twisted bottle is certainly eye-catching, and the spectacular packaging is only part of the picture. The recipe for Bafferts is so unusual that there is no other gin on the market today that can match its extraordinary taste. Using far less botanicals than any other gin, Bafferts offers up a taste so crisp and pure that many people prefer it to vodka in their favorite martini. In fact, Bafferts combines both the clean, fresh taste of the world's best vodkas with the mildly distinct character of an extraordinary gin. The result is a refined, light taste that is perfect for those who crave a new twist on the classic martini. With its unusual history, spectacular bottle and distinctive taste, Bafferts is simply extraordinary-a gin even a vodka lover will fall for.