Averna Bitters - Amaro

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Presently produced using the exact same antique recipe of 1868, this full body and smooth taste is the principal ingredient for its immense success, worldwide. Each of the most delicate herbalist phases in the bitters production are scrupulously checked natural ingredients. As an excellent digestive and an extremely pleasant liqueur for any occasion or moment of the day, it has became a success which his rapidly expanding globally. Amaro Averna has represented true Sicilian craft with a story rooted in heritage and tradition. Its recipe transmits the flavors and aromas of the land it comes from and has become a staple in every Italian home, passed down from generation to generation. Averna has a mouth-coating and bittersweet taste, carrying hints of orange and liquorice, balanced with notes of myrtle, juniper berries, rosemary and sage.

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