Aperol Orange Liqueur

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The name says it all, Aperol is a perfect aperitif.

Aperol was born in 1919 at the International Fair in Padova. Created by the Barbieri Brothers, Aperol was destined to become the darling drink of Italy. Light- at only 11 degrees by volume, but with a complex and rich taste made of bitter and sweet herbs and citrus fruits, the original recipe has remained unchanged since its creation.

Aperol's unique flavour and colour is achieved through a subtle blend, with a perfect balancing of different erbs and roots. The ingredients' quality allows a very low alcoholic strength: 11%Vol.

Aperol has become Italy’s most popular light spirit and continues to grow both at home and abroad. It is a playful and flirtatious product, evocative of Italian lifestyle, from the aperitivo to evenings out in the piazza (town square). Sunny and vibrant, Aperol’s zesty orange taste is exquisitely Italian but with a flair of internationality.

Please note: the bitter and sweet Aperol taste is not a banality, it is perfectly "aperitivo".

Did you know?

  • Silvio Barbieri named Aperol after the French “aperò” (meaning aperitive) that he had learnt on a trip to France in the early 1900s.
  • In the Italian Veneto region alone the daily consumption of Aperol Spritz is an astounding 250.000 a day – or more than 1000 spirtz a minute during the time of the Aperitivo.
  • Google lists over 1.800.000 links connected to Spritz.
  • Aperol Spritz was already a popular drink in the ‘50s. However, the Aperol Spritz tradition has been passed down to later generations. Today 81% of consumers are between 18 and 44 years old.
  • Aperol Spritz is one of the lightest cocktails in the world having only 7-8% alcohol by volume.

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