Alps Vodka

Alps Vodka Photo

Alps Vodka is unlike any other vodka. There are NO additives, NO added sugars, NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors and NO artificial aromas in the making of Alps Vodka. Nothing to stop you from having the greatest Vodka experience of your life.

Alps uses only nature’s purest source of water that is filtered though huge beds of granite taking over 100 years to complete its journey from the glaciers of the French Alps to the natural springs of ALPS thousands of feet below the surface. 80 proof Vodka is 60% water and we think great water is the biggest difference between regular vodka and Luxury Vodka.

Alps uses only 100% French grown wheat. An exclusive, single strain wheat grown only for Alps Vodka in the Brie region of France where the soils are rich in Potassium & Chalk. A very special wheat strain developed to be the purest and most complex form of starch producing a rich and smooth textured Alps Vodka.

Great Vodka is not judged solely by the number of times it is distilled but rather how the distillation is conducted. Alps Vodka is made in small batches hand crafted using small copper kettles closely regulated by Alps’ own Master Distillers. Alps is distilled 5 times at a greatly reduced temperature that greatly reduces the amount of impurities that occur in other vodkas during this phase of production.

Again, great vodka is not judged solely by the number of times it is filtered but rather how the filtration is conducted. Alps’ unique temperature controlled ‘Slow Time’ Quintuple filtration process eliminates virtually all impurities. First through charcoal twice and then through a patented calcium filter twice that has been electro-statically charged to attract the most difficult of impurities other vodkas leave behind. After 3 months of resting in stainless steel tanks to harmonize, Alps is then filtered through a very fine natural cotton filter just before bottling.