Agua Luca Cachaca

Agua Luca Cachaca Photo

Água Luca is a luxury sugar cane-based rum from Brazil (cachaça). Cachaça (ka-SHAH-sah) simply means Brazilian rum made from the juice of fresh sugar cane.

Água Luca is distilled from the fermented juice of high quality, hand-cut sugar cane within 24 hours of harvesting, employing artisanal techniques and traditions which have been refined over 450 years.

It is then filtered 12 times to produce a smooth and lively finish.

The quality of Água Luca?s sugar cane, when combined with its meticulous production process, imparts a lighter, cleaner taste and aroma than other cachaças or molasses-based rums.

Among its accolades, Água Luca proudly holds the Gold Medal of the 2006 International Cane Spirits Competition and the Silver Medal of the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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