Absolut Ruby Red Vodka

Absolut Ruby Red Vodka Photo

ABSOLUT RUBY RED has a distinctly complex, floral aroma with clear notes of natural grapefruit. The smooth and zesty flavour, coupled with crisp and refreshing taste, stems from notes of Grapefruit peel– the long fruity aftertaste has a slightly dry finish.

Inspired by the luscious shades of grapefruits, the spirit’s bottle suggests the kind of experience and personality that ABSOLUT RUBY RED offers. The smooth frosted bottle, accessorized with ruby red- inspired circles, emphasizes the pleasant and sophisticated taste of refreshing grapefruits. ABSOLUT RUBY RED, like other ABSOLUT Flavors, contains all-natural ingredients and is 80 proof.

“Today’s cocktail drinkers aren’t drinking more, they’re drinking smarter. This consumer trend has created a generation of tastemakers and mixing enthusiasts,” said Matt Aeppli, vice president of marketing, The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc. “With the support of a strong trade and consumer marketing campaign, we plan to reach this generation by emphasizing RUBY RED as a staple ingredient in custom-made cocktails.”

Easy to mix, smooth, fruity and delicious – the distinct character of ripe grapefruits will provide a unique foundation for new signature cocktails. ABSOLUT RUBY RED will add a unique twist to any classic cocktail and will give classic grapefruit drinks like Sea Breeze and Greyhound a full-bodied flair.

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