Absolut 100 Vodka

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ABSOLUT 100 is a brand new, premium vodka with a full bodied taste, primarily targeting a masculine audience. ABSOLUT 100 is the first ever ABSOLUT product to be initially developed and launched exclusively for the global Duty Free and Travel Retail market.

ABSOLUT 100 is the new potent member of the ABSOLUT family - a premium vodka representing an entirely new and innovative concept. ABSOLUT 100 caters to a primarily masculine global audience who appreciate a little extra premium power in their vodka, on the rocks and in cocktails.

"Innovation has always been the main driving force for ABSOLUT, and with ABSOLUT 100 we will continue to pioneer the market," says Eva Kempe-Forsberg, Vice President Marketing at V&S Absolut Spirits. "ABSOLUT 100 is innovative in that it is a brand new concept targeting a specific audience. It is also the first time ever that we have initially launched a new product exclusively for the progressive - and truly global - Duty Free and Travel Retail market."

The unique qualities of ABSOLUT 100 have been created by adjusting production processes to achieve a smoother high proof vodka. ABSOLUT 100 is rich and full bodied. The taste is distinct, yet smooth and mellow, with a grainy character and notes of dried fruit. The stylishly rustic, masculine qualities of ABSOLUT 100 are emphasized in the tough design concept and imaging, based on a bold minimalistic color palette of opaque black, chrome silver and subdued gray.

The world premiere will be held in Singapore in March. The launch of ABSOLUT 100 will then be rolled out in Duty Free and Travel Retail worldwide throughout 2007. ABSOLUT 100 will be supported by a tailored marketing. During the introductory phase of the launch, ABSOLUT 100 will only be available in 100 cl. Bottles.

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