Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch 21 Year Old

Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch 21 Year Old Photo

Aberfeldy Distillery, built by the Dewar family, opened in 1898 in the town of Aberfeldy, in Highland Perthshire - the very heart of Scotland. Aberfeldy Distillery was purposely built to produce the high quality Highland Single Malt, with its characteristic heather-honey note, that lies at the heart of Dewar’s balanced blends.

Although reserved for decades exclusively for creating Dewar’s blends, this exceptional single malt, Aberfeldy, is now being released in limited quantities.

Aberfeldy 21 provides a memorable taste discovery. Over two decades of slumbering in wood have added dignity to Aberfeldy’s distinctive heather and honey softness. In the words of a certain whisky expert, this premium malt is simply “pleasure in a glass”. The finish is long and honeyed, enhanced by fruity notes of orange peel, spices, vanilla and toasted coconut.


  • Producer: John Dewar & Sons Ltd
  • ABV: 40%
  • Country of Origin: Scotland
  • Region: Central Highlands
  • Age: 21 Years


  • Color: Deep gold with amber highlights
  • Nose: Richly textured, honeyed nose with sweet creamy intensity. Dried fruits, floral heather notes and hints of toasted coconut. Wood exerts its influence but doesn’t overwhelm.
  • Palate: Both sweet and full with lashings of Scottish honey and an abundance of orange peel, immediately relaxing with notes of cream, vanilla and oak.
  • Body: Full-bodied.
  • Finish: Long, spicy with a decidedly dry finish.
  • With water – nose: More fresh fruits released along with vanilla and cream.
  • With water – palate: Spicy, woody notes appear, while the orange develops into marmalade and lingers pleasantly.


  • 2006
    • Grand Gold Medal, Monde Selection, Belgium
    • Silver Medal International Spirits Competition
    • Silver Medal International Wine and Spirits Competition

Single Malt Whisky
Pure and Natural

Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a gift from nature. Everything needed to make this superb whisky is derived from natural elements of barley, yeast and pure water. The purity, proportions and intrinsic quality of the individual ingredients profoundly influence the characteristics of the final liquid.

Provenance imprints each whisky with influences of the land, micro-climate and ecology. This explains the unique regional differences in Scottish whiskies - why you discern hints of the sea or nuances of extra peat smoke in some whiskies but not in others. Provenance makes a major contribution to the characteristic heather and honey note found in the Aberfeldy single malt. Here at Aberfeldy the environment is in perfect equilibrium with the pure and abundant natural resources surrounding Aberfeldy Distillery.

Water is thought to be one of the most important elements in distilling superior quality whiskies, and Aberfeldy Distillery is "blessed" to have the Pitilie Burn as its water source. Aberfeldy uses only the finest optic barley, much of which comes from the surrounding Perthshire Highland area. Without disclosing any brand secrets, similar care is given to our choice of whisky’s other ingredient, yeast.

Ultimately, it is the experience and craftsmanship of Dewar’s distillers and blenders that transforms the natural ingredients into fine Single Malt. A perfect balance between man and nature.

Curiosities – Red Squirrel

The Red Squirrel icon which graces the bottle of Aberfeldy Single Highland Malt is deeply significant to Dewar’s. The rare endangered squirrel represents nature in perfect equilibrium--a reminder of the delicate balance and harmony essential for fine whisky as well as rare Red Squirrels.

Scotland’s indigenous Red Squirrels, once plentiful and thriving, are now extremely rare and endangered. The majority can be found in Scotland, many in Perthshire. A colony of Red Squirrels resides in the tranquil woodlands bordering Aberfeldy Distillery. Here, deep in the Perthshire Highlands, in the very heart of Scotland, glens thick with scented pine, spruce and birch, rushing rivers and burns of crystalline water create the balanced environment necessary for the protection of Red Squirrels and for the production of rare Aberfeldy malt.