901 Silver Tequila

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901 Silver is produced with only 100% blue agave from Jalisco, Mexico, which is the birthplace and only area considered by tequila connoisseurs to be suitable for proper agave production. The volcanic soil covering much of the state of Jalisco is particularly well suited for the cultivation of the blue agave plant, which is used as the base for tequila.

901 Silverís story began at the Tequilera Newton e Hijos, which was founded in 1940 in the state of Jalisco. The recipe for 901 Silver was originally crafted by Don Enrique. Handed down through three generations, the formula was perfected by his son, Don Federico, and modernized by grandsons Federico and Carlos. 901 Silver blends nearly 70 years of time-honored tradition with contemporary production methods, and is proudly produced and bottled in Jalisco, Mexico.

In order to maintain the highest level of quality, 901 Silver Tequila is distilled using only 100% Blue Weber Agave, water, and a proprietary yeast that helps give our tequila itís unique flavor. The agave is cooked in autoclaves (ovens) until the product is soft and ready to be crushed. After the agave is crushed, a press squeezes the juice from the roasted agave. The juice is then placed in fermentation tanks and our unique yeast formulation is then added. The yeast begins to act on the sugars of the roasted agave juice, turning it into alcohol. This process can take anywhere from 2-3 days.

Once properly fermented, 901 takes an extra step that few tequilas take by triple-distilling the juice to remove any impurities. During each distillation the heads and tails are removed from the liquid, leaving only the heart, the purest part of the tequila. The heads and the tails are never reintroduced back into 901 Silver, producing the smoothest tequila possible.

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