4 Copas Reposado

4 Copas Reposado Photo

You are looking at a smooth tequila. Pure and Natural. The difference between it and the Blanco is 9 months spent lingering in Blackened American White Oak.

One of the world's Top 5 Spirits of 2006, according to the Editor of Wine & Spirits Magazine and the only tequila on the list, 4 Copas Reposado's honey & macadamia characteristics with their oaken accents make it "The Best tequila I've ever tasted!" everywhere you find tequila critics seeking the next best thing.

Consecutive Gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition also give it some clout, but it's purity of spirit is what really makes you 'feel' good at the moment you savour it and expecially the following day. You may catch yourself thinking "I was drinking tequila last night….I was very happy…why do I feel so great today?" That's the 4 Copas way.

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