3 Vodka

3 Vodka Photo

3 Vodka is the result of a remarkable journey: a quest for character, perfect, and natural balance missing from other vodkas. Unmistakably smooth, 3 has a character like no vodka ever created. 3 Vodka is distilled its own way, using a proprietary and time-intensive method, with two separate distilleries employed to protect the secrets of the vodka's complex origins. 3 Vodka marks the first time in history that soy has been distilled. Made from a delicate combination of soy isolates, the purest elements of the soy plant, and select grains, 3 Vodka gains its signature smoothness from the natural soy itself.

3 Vodka is the ultimate spirit. Awarded the first perfect vodka taste score of 100 points ever recorded, 3 Vodka is the world's best-reviewed vodka by spirit critics worldwide.

While 3 Vodka is unsurpassed as a vodka lover's vodka, its packaging is also without peer as a reflection of the care taken to craft the spirit within. 3 Vodka has been awarded first place in the Mobius Awards, considered the international packaging industry's most prestigious prize; 3 Vodka was recognized for excellence in the design of both its box and its trademark bottle. 3 Vodka has also been awarded the Shine International Packaging Award and was voted Best Package of the Year by Beverage Industry magazine.