3 A.M. Vodka

3 A.M. Vodka Photo

3 A.M., the newest addition to the 3 Vodka family, is a product like no other. Beginning with the original 3 Vodka formula, distilled from soy to produce a vodka unrivaled in texture, flavor, and smoothness. 3 A.M. adds a unique "kick", produced by adding a combination of natural flavors and a proprietary blend of caffeine, taurine, and guarana. And unlike many drinks with these components, which often have a harsh, medicinal, or metallic taste, 3 A.M. is both smooth and sweet, propelled by fresh, natural fruit flavors into the realm of superior spirits.

Already the fastest- and best-selling product of its kind, 3 A.M. is a completely unique spirit, ideal as a cocktail substitute for ordinary vodkas, and smooth and sweet enough to be sipped straight or on the rocks.