10 Cane Rum

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10 Cane is the "World's Best Rum," made from first press cane juice, never molasses. Named after the tradition of hand-harvesting and bundling sugar cane stalks in groups of ten, 10 Cane represents the relaxed environment of Trinidad juxtaposed with the luxury and centuries-old expertise of Moët Hennessy.

Produced in the sun-dappled, wind-swept island of Trinidad, 10 Cane is made from the first pressing of virgin sugar cane, grown and hand-harvested in the island's rich, volcanic soil. The canes are gently pressed to extract the purest, most flavorful juice. The first-press cane juice is then slowly fermented for five days at a controlled low-temperature and double-distilled in small batches in French pot stills. Finally, it is aged in oak barrels for the perfect amount of time, creating a smooth, light, and delicious rum. 10 Cane elevates any cocktail. Mojitos, martinis, frozen drinks, or with cola or grapefruit juice. It goes with everything…or nothing. You can even drink it neat or on the rocks.

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