Random Images from Tales of the Cocktail 2009

I didn't have enough photos from any of these events to warrant a whole page so I've gathered them here. From tasting rooms, to meals to seminars and beyond. More stories from our trip to New Orleans.

The Media Speakeasy room. A mecca of SWAG. Trick or Treating for Adults. I don't care what you call it, all that I know is leaving this room was a challenge. I had so much 'stuff' packed into the bags they gave me that I needed a pack mule to get back to our room. Alcohol, books, shirts, hats, bar tools, playing cards, mixers, drinks and anything else you can imagine a company in this industry would hand out. Everyone I saw leaving this room had the biggest smile on their face and a buckling back under the load. My sincere thanks goes out to everyone who helped put this together.

This of course is the same room as above, just looking the other way. A virtual superstore of gifts for anyone lucky enough to be allowed access. I could have stayed there for the whole show.

Morning coffee and cocktails? It was a natural pairing and a great way to start the day. Gran Duque de Alba along with the Williams Humbert portfolio hosted "The Duque Coffee Bar" for three straight mornings serving both coffee and coffee cocktails featuring Grand Duque de Alba Solera Gran Reserva Brandy de Jerez, Crema de Alba cream liqueur, Dry Sack sherry, Dry Sack 15 rare aged sherry and Dos Maderas dual aged rum. Who says you can't drink before 9:00 AM? Of note, to the left was some tidbits to eat, they weren't that crazy to offer up only liquid breakfast.

The Leblon Cachaca girls protesting in the lobby of the Hotel Monteleone. I think Cachaca is actaully already legal in the States, but their campaign attracted the attention of anyone walking through the lobby. Where do I sign?

Martin Miller's Gin had a great tasting room event that involved a challenge between the Limeys (British) and the Shermans (Americans). It ranged from shaking, speed pouring and stirring to the ever important heckling. It may have been planned, but it all ended in a tie.

Tom Bulleit of Bulleit Bourbon invited a few friends to lunch with him at Antoine's. Antoine's is the second oldest family run restaraunt in the US and has a very rich history. We dined in the Kings room, which celebrates the past Kings of Mardi Gras and display their pictures on the walls. This picture is of the group and the Baked Alaska dessert made especially for Tom. Yummy!

Ted (T.A.) Breaux, the creator of Lucid Absinthe and Carine at the Carousel Bar. I'm working on getting a sample of Lucid to try so I'll let you know more when I do.

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