Death of the Red Headed Slut

A tradition at Tales of the Cocktail is for bartenders to vote for a drink they don't want to be made anymore. When the votes are tallied and the winner announced, they kill the drink. So long, the Red Headed Slut! Simple as that, or is it?

When a death happens, we honour that life with a funeral. It is no different for the death of a cocktail and in New Orleans tradition a funeral procession is formed and marches through the streets of the French Quarter. What a fun time!

A eulogy is spoken, some flowers are thrown, the coffin is picked up and the band begins to play. So here starts the procession, one hot and muggy night in New Orleans.

The jazz band starts to lead the way, making its way through the mass of people gathered for the event. If I was to guess, there must have been near a thousand 'mourners' participating in the slow march through the streets. The amount of people who stopped to watch was amazing, often scratching their heads to the chants of "the bitch is dead".

When you have that many people walking on the street and some less sober than others you need a bit of an escort. New Orleans police escort the event on the busy main roads, blocking traffic with cars and motorbikes. Yes folks, this was the real deal with the exception of a body in the coffin.

Some people took the event pretty seriously and this young lady was no exception. Dressed all in black, including a veil she marched alongside of the coffin for the whole trip. When I approached her to give my appreciation for the effort she turned and said thanks, while wiping a bucketload of water from her face. Yes, it was hot and muggy and that costume must have made things nearly un-bearable.

The end of the line was celebrated with the Bartender's breakfast. Food and drink were laid out and the party began in earnest. I'm not sure how you can call a 11:30 PM event breakfast but it worked for every one there. I know, how can one have an appetite at a funeral?

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