Hornitos - Mischieve in the Garden of Agave

What a great venue for an event. Hornitos Tequila booked Mardi Gras World to host their party. VIP entrance to the event was a must and we all got the red carpet treatment when we stepped off of the shuttles. As for Mardi Gras World, we had a building that represented a bayou, complete with trees, building fronts and ponds; all inside a building. Hornitos then filled the place with bartenders, alcohol and the rest of the things you'll see below.

Projected on the ceiling was this image. I believe that it changed during the night but I can't be sure. Mischieve is exactly what we did and we had fun doing it.

After clearing security where they went as far as checking our tickets and ID, we entered the building. As per most of the events we attended, greating us at the door was a tray of drinks ready for consumption. In this case she was wearing a mask, but we were the ones to rob from her. Cheers!

JT, The Raven, steps up to the bar to order a drink. Bobby G, the master mixologist from Beam created the menu for the evening so we got to enjoy his creativity. The menu is further down.

This is the same bar, just a picture from behind. The bartenders were very busy all night pouring drinks. I don't know how they kept pace into the early hours. Rumour has it Bobby G went straight from this event to the media breakfast the next morning, without any shut eye.

You know people have to be creative and go to the extreme. How about a bar with an aquarium built into it? Ok, how about putting a young lady in the aquarium to squirm around all night. Expect the unexpected and you will be rewarded.

The place was filled with music all night and I stumbled upon the source. Tucked away in the back was this little DJ booth with Beverly sKillz cranking out the tunes all night long.

The Naughty Room. Write some lines on the chalkboard like you did in school and get a spanking. I think we had to drag The Raven out of the place at the end of the night.

Another costume I found while wondering around. I'm not sure what she is supposed to be, but it goes with the bayou theme for sure.

Scattered throughout the event were people carrying some swamp critters for us to have a look at. I think they were from the local animal shelter. If you want an authentic event, you may as well go all out. This is JT getting friendly with a baby alligator.

Carine gets a little close to the albino snake as it wraps its way around her body. Funny how you think a snake should feel, but in truth its very warm and soft.

You don't get to be a master mixologist for Beam just by waiting around. Bobby G is that guy and here's the menu he put together for the event. Is there a theme there that I am missing?

I'd be lying if I told you that the dancing girls didn't attract much attention. I was lucky enough to get this picture before the room filled up with dry ice smoke. I would have jumped up on the stage as well but I thought they did a much better job.

This was my best attempt at capturing the ambiance of the place. The low hanging branches reaching down and the building facade in the background. They did an amazing job building this place and I'm sure everyone enjoyed their evening with Hornitos.

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