Night Club and Bar Show 2009

Vegas, alcohol, tradeshow and pretty girls, what more do I need to say? The 2009 Night Club and Bar Show was held the first week of March. I climbed out of my cave and made the journey there. As you can tell by the photos below, the trip was well worth my time. If you get the chance to go, you may just want to!

IS Vodka (pronounced Ice) was a major player at the show. They were involved in everything from a big, cool booth, sponsoring a press room, hosting two evening events (that I know of) including a major DJ Spin-off at Studio 54 in the MGM. The picture here shows one of their bartenders mixing up a cocktail behind one of their many ice sculptures. You could pour the vodka in the top of the sculpture, watch it trickle down the ice and fill your glass at the bottom. Ultra cool and well chilled! You'll be seeing more from IS Vodka around the site soon.

Here's a couple of the Monster Energy Drink Girls. These ones must have dried off after the water slide Monster had set up in their booth. I'm not sure how it related to their drink, but they were having so much fun there, I guess it didn't matter. Monster had the largest presence of all the energy drink people here.

Patron Tequila showed up with a beautiful booth. I wish that large bottle in the middle was full and being shipped back to me. Regardless, the sample I had was enough to keep me going.

Beam Spirits showed up in force. Their booth was easily the largest of the alcohol manufacturers that were there. I was lucky enough to meet on of the great contacts I have while I was there. Chelsea is responsible for many of the recipes you see in our monthly newsletter. Bobby G. was also in the booth, serving up drinks for the visitors.

Amanda showed up in the Beam booth handing out samples of their new Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon. Chelsea has promised me more info soon. This was a very smooth bourbon, unlike anything I've had before. If you like bourbon and see a bottle in your local liquor store, pick it up and give it a try. Besides, how could you refuse with a smile like Amanda's?

Purista shows off their ultra premium cocktail mixers. They have 100% all natural ingredients and half the calories of other cocktail mixers.

Ah, very expensive, very elegant French liqueurs. The packaging was truly amazing.

The Cheerz Intellishot booth. For morning after vitality. Cheerz is an anti-hangover suppliment. I've got a sample or two that I'll try in the coming months and let you know what I think.

I'm not sure about the costumes, but the Agwa Coca leaf liqueur was pretty tasty. I'll have to finda bottle and try some of their cocktails here at the house.

Liquid Ice Energy Drink. The booth was pretty snazzy (can I use that word anymore?). The beverage was smooth and I must admit I dropped by a couple times for samples to get me through the day.

Adan Y Eva Tequila had an eye catching booth, with skin tight and coloured costumes, people naturally were curious. The leaves covered the intersting parts. The tequila was smooth.

Vodka Herb is an infused vodka from Holland. It was very smooth and had a pleasant taste. I'll explore this more when I can get a bottle up here. The flavour is inspired by gin-based spirit Sonnema Berenburg.

Drank, the first relaxation beverage on the market. The guys and gals at drank did a very fine job at the show providing samples an information everywhere I went. I've brought some home to try and will let you know how it goes. As their slogan says, "Slow your Roll".

Tequila Ley.925 and the world's most expensive bottle. I would have tried taking this bottle home as a sample, but the $225,000 price tag would have been too much. The White Gold and Platinum bottle holds the Guinness Record for Most Expensive Bottle.

Amarula had a nice little bottle display in their booth. The faux rock held the bottle at a perfect pouring angle. I was in a hurry going by the booth so I only got a picture, not a sample.

Flawless Vodka shows off their colored and flavoured vodkas. There is straight vodka as well as Canary Yellow (citrus) and Pink Diamond (cherry). The bottles made a very nice looking display.

Party likes it's 2033! Svedka vodka had a thumping booth with a DJ, girls dancing and some very flashy outfits. Did I mention there was Vodka in the booth? Everytime I walked by, there were plenty of people huddled around the loud music and dancing girls...

Like Absinthe? Versinthe is a wormwood liqueur shown here in a very stylish absinthe server. As I'm a fan of anise liqueurs I had to stop and give it a try.