Manhattan Cocktail Classic

New York City's multi-day event celebrating the history, contemporary culture, and artful craft of the cocktail. Part festival, part fete, part conference, part cocktail party, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic brings together the unparalleled talents and opportunities of the bars, bartenders, and restaurants of our great city for five days of activities, both educational and celebratory in nature, championing the common ideals of authenticity, equality, sustainability, service, and pleasure. There will be some drinking involved, too.

You can also meet the Founder and Director of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Lesley Townsend, in a Sara Gorelick interview here...



2011 - Last Call New York - Selena Ricks

Ever wonder what it's like to be a bartender in New York City, where the crowds are thirsty until the 4 a.m. closing time? The gang of misfits (or mix-fits, as they are sometimes known) that staff some of the city's best bars are the subject of a short documentary.

2011 Manhattan Cocktail Classic Attendance Heats Up - Selena Ricks

Cocktail parties are a dime a dozen in New York, but the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, which recently held its second annual edition, is a not-to-be-missed event for cocktail fans from NYC and beyond.

2011 - In True Gala Fashion - Sara Gorelick

While America braces itself for the height of prom season, the world cocktail community took its own fashion cues at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala, one of the highlights of the 4 day festival. To be in the vicinity of Bryant Park on the evening of Friday, May 13th, was a treat for the eyes as thousands of men and women dressed to the nines stood in line outside the Public Library.

An Exploration of Mexican Culture at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Under the impressive umbrella of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Tequila Partida teamed up with Yerba Buena restaurant and the Gourmet Latino Festival to present 'The History and Evolution of Tequila, North America's First Distilled Spirit'.

Manhattan Cocktail Classic - Gala

The first ever Manhattan Cocktail Classic took place from May 14-18th, 2010, a kaleidoscope of events at various restaurants, bars and seminars at the Astor Center.  Here is a brief re-cap of the Gala by Sara Gorelick.