Flair Bartending

Ever wondered if you could perform like Tom Cruise in Cocktail? Look no further. Val has come up with some articles to start you on your journey of becoming an Extreme Bartender. Why not take a few minutes and learn a couple of tricks, who knows how much extra you can make in tips?

Flair Bartending Part 1

Where did flair come from and who started the craze?  Journey through time and learn a little bit about flair and who knows, you may just want to pick up a little yourself.

Flair Bartending Part 2

Now its time to start your career in flair bartending.  Where should you start and how do you learn those great moves?  This article should start you down the right path.

Flair Bartending Part 3

Now that you have gone through the history and some theory on flair bartending, here are some tips and tricks to help get you started.