Enjoying drinks with friends and family is a great way to socialize. Mixing drinks is even considered an art form by many individuals. Creating the perfect drink can take a level of expertise that may only be mastered with practice over time. Coming up with new drinks requires extensive knowledge and taste for a wide variety of liquors, while a creative mind is required to pull the ingredients together. Unlike most art, however, the perfect drink appeals to your sense of taste, as well as stimulating you visually, while the setting in which you enjoy it brings out the relaxing nature of it and triggers a feeling of nostalgia each time you revisit it. The perfect mixer can be exciting, soothing, romantic, relaxing and fun. There is no doubt why so many people enjoy them.

Unfortunately, many people also make the decision to drink and then drive themselves around. With thousands of deaths resulting from alcohol related accidents each year, it is vital that we all do our part to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol. When you are out, it is a simple sacrifice to either; designate someone as the sober driver for the night, take a cab, or walk if you are going to drink. Not only will we be making our roads a safer place, but we will actually be putting money back into our own pockets. The services required to respond to an accident are very expensive and cost tax-payers lots of dollars. In addition, there is no greater incentive to drink responsibly and to prevent drinking and driving that the one that supports our right to live. You cannot put a price tag on a human life.

From the DUI Foundation, we hope that you will make the decision to drink responsibly and not drink and drive. We offer our support in educating and preventing alcohol related accidents. Together we can help protect each other and save the lives of so many of our fellow citizens. Please visit DUIfoundation.org for more education and support information and our New York DUI Attorney page for DUI laws, fines and penalty information.