Colleen Graham

Colleen Graham loves to write about mixing great drinks and has been sharing cocktail recipes and bartending tips for over 10 years. She is the Cocktails Expert on, regularly contributes to HydroLife and is the author of the book Hola Tequila!.


Just How Simple is Simple Syrup?

Anyone can make up a batch of simple syrup and all you need is a few minutes in the kitchen. It can be adjusted to fit your drinking style or needs at the moment. You can make enough to last for weeks of drinking or just enough for a one-night party.

5 Fancy New Cocktails to Shake Up Summer

Summer was made for entertaining and cocktails often become a signature of the most memorable parties. It can be a challenge to find something exciting and new to serve. Sure, you could blend up a few margaritas or mix up a round of daiquiris, but sometimes you want to share a drink that's different and really exciting.

2 Charming and Fresh Cocktails for Southern Cuisine

If Greenville, South Carolina is on your trip list, a stop by Soby's New South Cuisine is in order. Fresh, seasonal foods that bring new life to traditional Southern cuisine are what you will find and the restaurant has a number of impressive cocktails to go along with dinner.

Robert J. Cooper's Legacy and a Rock and Rye Julep

The liquor industry is filled with iconic personalities. Many of them have spent decades in the business and are responsible for creating and transforming some of the biggest brands in the business.  Among these innovators was Robert J. Cooper, a third-generation distiller who was instrumental in reviving classic spirits that haven't been seen since our grandparents were young.