Ultimate Margarita

Drink Type: Cocktail



Strain the juices and mix all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake well. Run the peel of the juiced lime around the rims of two margarita glasses and dip the glasses in margarita salt. Fill the basins of the glasses with crushed ice and pour the mixture over the ice. Or put the mixture and ice in a blender whir until slushy and pour into the glasses. For best results use Reposado or Anejo Tequila (make sure the bottle says 100 percent Blue Agave). The best Reposado we've found so far is Sauza Galardon but Cuervo Tradicional is also very good. Don't use White or Gold Tequila as the sharpness will tend to overpower all the subtleties of the tequila.


Charles E. Leiserson Jr.