The Final Whack

The Final Whack Cocktail Photo

Drink Type: Cocktail



Madonn'! After six wildly successful seasons, The Sopranos® closed the books on June 10th. Authentic Jersey bartender, John Martella, from Hoboken's Gaslight has whipped up some liquid libations to toast Tony, Carmela and the family as this iconic chapter in American pop culture comes to a close. Raise a glass and toast to the first family of New Jersey. Salut to this thing of ours!

The Final Whack is the perfect cocktail for fans to sip as they remember 'the final whack' - the last episode of Tony Soprano's epic journey.

Fill a snifter with ice and add the Sambuca. Swirl the Sambuca around to season and chill the snifter, and let sit. In an ice filled shaker add Knob Creek, Crème de Cacao and Peychaud's Bitters. Stir well. Empty the ice and Sambuca out of the snifter, the glass should be chilled and seasoned. Strain the Knob Creek mixture into the seasoned snifter. Serve.