The Alan Parson’s Project

Drink Type: Cocktail



Combine the Puckers and the Rum in a 16 oz. glass. Fill the glass with ginger ale and close with the Grenadine. Mix thoroughly, but donít over agitate the drink, or the ginger ale will go flat.

Much like the band, this drink was a sleeper hit that gained some new attention long after it came together. It is intended as a cocktail, but works very well when mixed punch style.

This drink has gained my personal rating of evil. When mixed correctly, it tastes like a Jolly Rancher candy and drinks as easy as water, making it very easy for an unsuspecting quaffer to get absolutely smashed in one or two glasses. A great drink for those who eschew the taste of alcohol, but still like to feel the buzz. As always, it is unkind and illegal (in many places) to get someone drunk without their knowledge. A good bartender knows how to keep a party going without knocking everyone out.


The Raven