Redbull and Vodka

Drink Type: Cocktail



Combine over ice in a highball glass.

As the name suggests, Red Bull and Vodka, or Vodka Red Bull, is a drink that contains, well, Red Bull and vodka!

The concoction is quite popular in the club scene, although itís become so well known that you will surely see someone drinking it at a party or the bar. It has been said club goers love the drink because its effects allow the drinker to consume alcohol while still providing the energy that he or she needs to dance the night away.

Red Bull and Vodka is considered to be a very pricey drink. Some clubs/bars can charge $10 and up for each serving. If you venture outside the United States, youíll find that other countries do not charge quite as much. Should you want the same effects, but want to spend a little less money per drink, see if the establishment that you are in offers less expensive energy drink alternatives. But, be warned, it might be cheaper, but it might not taste quite as good.

It has been said that mixing Red Bull with alcohol can be dangerous, since you are mixing a stimulant with a depressant. However, the claim has never been substantiated.

Red Bull and Vodka can be served in several different ways. Some establishments may serve a shot along with the entire can of Red Bull, while others may split the can between several drinks. Another option is pouring the entire contents of a Red Bull can into a highball glass, pouring vodka into a shot glass, and then dropping the shot glass into the highball glass.