Drink Type: Cocktail



Fill a snifter with ice and add the ingredients. Garnish with an orange wedge, a cherry with a stem and a plastic sword. Directions for drinking: 1) Eat orange wedge first and stick rind in the sword to keep track of how many you have drank. 2) Premier Oscar drinker can tie a knot with the stem of cherry with the tongue. 3) The stem sits on the upper left hand corner of a napkin under the glass. 4) The glass NEVER leaves the napkin. Drink with a straw or lift holding cocktail napkin underneath. 5) When done drinking the ice cubes must be placed in the mouth to get the last bit of goodness of the drink. 3 Oscar's makes you an unofficial member of the unofficial Oscar club. (There was about 20 of us who did this every Tuesday -Oscar Nite- at Michigan State.


Michael Potocki