Mint Julep #3

Mint Julep #3 Cocktail Photo

Drink Type: Cocktail



Many days on the fields swamps of the southern states of America, you can see people sitting on their porch swings, enjoying a cool concoction. This is a drink that is responsible for many things. Romantic strolls, unfortunate lapses in judgment, and even fresh breath can be attributed to this one drink. It was the cause of it all…

This drink is traditionally served in a silver or pewter mug. There’s a good reason for this, which I discovered upon my first attempt at it; crushed mint leaves don’t look so pretty. In the bottom of the glass, take as much mint as you’d like and muddle it really well. Use the back of a spoon if you have no muddler. Add the sugar into the muddled mint, and continue crushing. When your leaves are nothing more than a pulp, add the bourbon and give it a good stir. Use the water to mediate the burn of the whiskey until you have a perfect sipping drink. Garnish with a few sprigs of mint. Your nose should be deep in mint when ever you sip.


The Raven