Maui Mojito

Drink Type: Cocktail



With the mint muddling left to the customer the bartender has no more work to do than for the average mixed drink. Because it is a MAUI mojito, it is not expected to be exactly the same as a NY or Cuban mojito. Most Americans don't like the muddled mint leaves floating around in their drink anyway. If they poke at the whole mint leaves with their stirrer they will dislodge an essence of mint into the drink.

Alternatively, you could just garnish with Pineapple only and add a splash of one of the mint liqueurs you already have on hand. The Mojito went from not even being on the menu to number one in volume in less than one year in both Austin and NYC. I am sure it did well elsewhere, but those two datapoints are hard facts and leading edge indicators.


Maui Rum