Margarita #1

Drink Type: Cocktail



Rub rim of cocktail glass with lemon juice, dip rim in salt. Shake with ice, strain into the salt-rimmed glass, and serve. (See also Frozen Margarita.)

A cool, frosty margarita isn’t only a tasty drink, it’s also considered to be among the most common of cocktails with a tequila base.

A margarita, which means pearl Latin and daisy in Spanish, has an origin that is often debated. Some say it was created in 1936 by Danny Negrete and Rob Garcia. Others feel that Francisco “Pancho” Morales gets the credit for mixing up the first Margarita on July 4, 1942. Others, still, debate over whether it was Carlos “Danny” Herrera in 1938, Margaret Sames or Santo Cruz in 1948, or even Enrique Bastate Gutierrez. What is known for sure is when the first frozen margarita machine mix came on the scene. Chemist John Hogan created the mix for Mariano, a Dallas restaurant, in 1971. Hogan is also credited with inventing the frozen margarita machine. So, next time you partake in a frozen margarita, raise a glass to Hogan and give him a hearty salute!

To make a margarita, combine tequila, triple sec, and lime/lemon juice. Pour the mixture over crushed ice or blend in a blender for a frozen effect. The drink is most often served in a margarita glass rimmed with salt and adorned with the rind of a lime or lemon. Today, margaritas are served in many different flavors to please just about any palate. Strawberry, mango, peach, and raspberry are fruity alternatives to the original drink that will keep you cool and refreshed on a warm day.