Drink Type: Cocktail



In a white wine glass, pour the cassis first, then the wine. Serve chilled. Very popular drink in France.

Kir is a popular cocktail that is created when the blackcurrant-flavored crème liquor Crème de cassis is combined with a white wine of the drinker’s choice. To make it the even more well-known Kir Royal, champagne is added instead of white wine.

The origins of the drink are quite interesting. Kir is named after Felix Kir, also referred to as Canon Kir, who ruled as Dijon’s mayor between 1945 and 1968. Kir enjoyed drinking the mixture of white wine and blackcurrant liquor so much, that he often offered the sweet concoction to visiting delegations at receptions. His love for the drink was so popular that it was soon being served at the receptions as their official aperitif.

In addition, Kir allowed Lejay Lagoute, a producer of blackcurrant liquor, the use of his name during promotions for their liquor, Crème de Cassis de Dijon.

Today, when in a bar, those who ask for a Kir will more than likely be given a drink made with blackcurrant liquor and white wine. The drink is quite refreshing, but doesn’t have the sparkling kick that many people enjoy.

To truly enjoy all that a Kir has to offer, make sure to ask for a Kir Royal. The bartender will replace the white wine with champagne to give it the higher end taste that connoisseurs truly love. Of course, when ordering a Kir Royal, expect it to cost a little more than an average Kir since the more expensive champagne is being used. But for a couple extra bucks, it’s worth it!


Carine Hutchinson