Killer Sniff

Drink Type: Cocktail



Pour the sambuca into highball glass and drop a dash of blue curacao into a wine glass. Placing your hand over the highball glass shake as to cover the insde of the glass with sambucca then pour the sambuca into the wine glass with the blue curacao. Shake the wine glass once again placing your hand over the glass and then light it. Pour the lighted contents into the highball glass( If you can do this from about 6 inches from the glass it looks better). Now place your hand fully over the still burning highball glass. This will exstinguish the fire and create a vacuum causing the glass to stick to your hand. Shake the glass which is stuck to your hand and instruct your customer to get into a crouch position. Pull your hand off the glass and let your customer rise to a standing position while sniffing the fumes from the glass. Down the contents when standing up. Repeat the burning and sniffing process once more when the glass is empty and this should cause the customers eyes to water and keep him quiet for the the next 10 minutes…


Peter Hopps