Hurt Me

Drink Type: Cocktail



Start by pouring about 1oz of the Kahlua into a rocks glass, highball, coffee mug (or whatever you have lying around but NOT A SHOT GLASS!). Then, add the vodka, slowly. Sprinkle or splash lightly with Southern Comfort (to taste). Then add the last ˝ oz of Kahlua and stir. This stirring is very important, otherwise the drink will remained layered. Thus drink has also been called a “Black Russian SUNY Albany derivative”. About 2 of these will make you totally forget about that physics test on Monday, and if you double the ingredients, it will make you forget how to walk. People have also experimented by using Spiced Rum or Black Sambuca in place of Southern Comfort. Good luck. This drink was invented the day after spring finals, 2000 by the unknown person who submitted it and a bunch of his/her SUNY Albany student friends.