Grand Marnier Neat

Grand Marnier Neat Cocktail Photo

Drink Type: Cocktail



Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is a spirit that is appreciated for its unique and highly aromatic taste. Visual: brilliant and luminous, with golden highlights. Nose: Scents of orange blossoms underscored by a touch of candied zest, with oaked vanilla notes hint at cognac aged in oak barrels. Palate: Flavours of bitter orange that the cognac base infuses with nuances of candied orange, hazelnut, marzipan, and toffee. The finish is long and harmonious.

Swirl to release fully the subtlety of its aromas. Serve neat to experience the full flavour of Grand Marnier liqueur.

For the ideal tasting experience, serve in a snifter. First, admire the colour, then swirl the liqueur in the glass to fully release its subtle aromas. Finally, savour the liqueur, allowing the flavours to linger on your palate and fully express themselves.


Grand Marnier