Frostbite Cocktail Photo

Drink Type: Cocktail



This drink is perfect for a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day, or can be used at the end of a meal to cover some unfortunate breath.

All ingredients should be chilled. Serve in a Collins or Highball.

Coat the glass with Peppermint Schnapps. There should be a little more than a quarter oz left in the bottom of the glass after the sides are totally coated. With clean fingers, rub a little on the rim. Add the gin and Pucker and mix with your trusty spoon. Fill the glass with Remix.

Like most gin drinks, this is a very refreshing libation. It was born from a search to create a palatable drink that was blue. It is important to note that substituting any of the ingredients (i.e. Sprite Remix for normal Lemon Lime or any other Pucker) will greatly change the flavor. We accidentally changed it the second time we tried to make it and the power of the gin was overwhelming.

This gets a rating of slightly boozy. You can still taste the gin, especially if you pour with a heavy hand, but by adjusting the Pucker up or the booze in general down, you can promote (demote?) the drink to “evil”.


The Raven