Eskimo Joe's (Barry Sanders)

Drink Type: Cocktail



Mix over ice in a highball glass or follow the directions given in this story: This is just a rum and Coke and a Cape Cod mixed together. Try it. It is really good. The drink came about in Eskimo Joes in Stillwater, Oklahoma the day Barry Sanders got the Heisman Trophey. When they announced it a waitress was knocked over and broke the only big screen TV in the Bar, at the time. The two drinks were knocked over on the table. One of the football players took a straw and just sucked it off the table. He liked it so much that it was all that was served for the next day. For a while it was "the drink that got knocked over". Now its an Eskimo Joe, Barry style. If you do it right, knock it on the table, the waitress will go get another for you (free). While she is gone, you suck it off the table. It is rarely done, except for when alumni come into town, because what college kid would waste liquor on purpose?