El Fulo

El Fulo Cocktail Photo

Drink Type: Cocktail



Gin is the most traditional cocktail base. In El Fulo, the clover honey syrup infuses taste to the mild flavored gin, resulting in a tropical blonde (fulo) cocktail of exhilarating candor.

In a pint glass, hand press lemon wedges and mint leaves. Add all spirits and mixers, add ice and shake vigorously for 6 sec. Strain over fresh ice in an old fashioned glass. Crown it with crushed ice. Garnish with a powdered sugar dusted mint sprig and lemon peel.

Pablo Moix's undeniable passion for mixing drinks along with nearly 16 years of experience behind the bar, from dive bars to LA's hottest restaurants and nightclubs, have gained him recognition as one of the region's most respected mixologist.

Pablo earned second place honors at the Leblon Cachaca Competition and his unique cocktail blend at the Flor de Cana Competition led him to the victorious first place win.

Currently, Pablo is Principal Bartender for the ONE Group Los Angeles and the Master Mixologist at the acclaimed STK restaurant where he develops signature cocktails with what he describes as a "California Fresh" sensibility, balancing complex spirits and bitters with fresh, straight forward fruit flavors that appeal to connoisseurs and newcomers alike.


Pablo Moix