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Cherry Liqueur Drinks

Choose from 15 drink recipes containing Cherry Liqueur.

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Before Dawn (Cocktail)
Cherry Liqueur, Honey, Lime Juice, Partida Anejo Tequila, Pink Grapefruit Juice
Blow Job (Jenna Jameson) (Shooter)
Cherry Liqueur, Cinnamon Schnapps, Irish Cream, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Whipped Cream
Champagne Punch #5 (Punch)
Champagne, Cherry Liqueur, Cognac, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, Triple Sec
Cherry Daiquiri (Cocktail)
Cherry Liqueur, Kirsch, Light Rum, Lime Juice
CherryBomb (Shooter)
Cherry Liqueur, Coffee Liqueur, Cognac
Flaming Gay Morgan (Cocktail)
Bacardi 151 Proof Rum, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, Cherry Liqueur, Tonic Water
Flaming Wizard (Cocktail)
Bacardi 151 Proof Rum, Cherry Liqueur, Coca Cola, Spiced Rum
Hard Rhum With Devil (Cocktail)
Cherry Liqueur, Myer's Rum, Tia Maria
Hot Rod (Shooter)
Cherry Liqueur, Coconut Rum, Kahlua
Jenna Jameson (Cocktail)
Cherry Liqueur, Cinnamon Schnapps, Cream, Irish Cream, Jameson Irish Whiskey
Love Bite (Cocktail)
Cherry Liqueur, Cream, Parfait Amour
Restless Hips (Martini)
Cherry Liqueur, Cranberry Juice, Gin, Rose Water
Rose of Warsaw (Cocktail)
Angostura Bitters, Cherry Liqueur, Cointreau, Wyborowa Pure Vodka
Side Ways F**k (Shooter)
Alize Gold Passion, Bacardi Lemon, Banana Liqueur, Cherry Liqueur, Midori, Vodka
Tumor (Shooter)
Cherry Liqueur, Kahlua, Sambuca