Bloody Mammy

Drink Type: Cocktail



Muddle basil leaves in base of mixing glass. Add all other ingredients with ice; hard shake, and strain over ice in serving glass. Garnish with sprig of basil.

*Substitute with Poitín for a more authentic taste.

Ireland in recent years has become a metropolis for amazing food and fresh ingredients, and this is what has inspired the Bloody Mammy, a mix of strong Irish spirit, spice and flavor base, mixed with the freshness and goodness of lime. The basil and tomato juice will help get you started after the night before: it’s comforting with a gourmet twist.

Created By Darren Geraghty

Darren Geraghty is the head mixologist at Dublin’s Exchequer Pub and winner of the first-ever Irish Open Cocktail Competition. A lifetime Dubliner, Darren’s creations are contemporary with an Irish twist.