Avion Chipotle Cocao Margarita

Avion Chipotle Cocao Margarita Cocktail Photo

Drink Type: Cocktail



In your mixing glass, add 3 orange slices, cut into moon shapes, and one lemon slice to up the acidity. Muddle the fruit to work out all of the natural juices and oils. Add a little bit of agave nectar to bring out the sweetness, and 2 hearty ounces of Avion Anejo. Fill the glass with ice and shake. To create the rim, mix equal parts cocoa and pearl or granular sugar. Then add a tiny bit of chipotle powder. Make sure you donít over do it with the chipotle powder, or your mouth will be on fire! Rim the edge of the glass with a lemon and set it down in the chipotle cocoa mixture. Strain your margarita over ice.


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