Pink Panty Dropper

Drink Type: Punch



Combine over half a bag of ice in a large clean cooler and stir with a ladle. Serve in punch cups.

Plan on having a crowd over this weekend and looking for a drink that will not only quench their thirst, but will also taste good and really loosen everyone up? Then why not try the Pink Panty Dropper.

The Pink Panty Dropper is a large punch-style libation that features an odd combination of ingredients that work surprisingly well together. As the name suggests, the Pink Panty Dropper, when consumed in large quantities, may just loosen you up--and could quite possibly make you and those around you lose some of those pesky inhibitions!

Before you flinch when you hear the ingredients, keep in mind that those who have tried this interesting punch enjoy it and have a hard time having just one cup. To make the Pink Panty Dropper, start with a large container and add in beer, vodka, and Pink Lemonade (either concentrate or pre-made liquid). Another variation of the recipe calls for tequila and Everclear instead of the vodka. But, the recipe you choose all depends on your personal taste.

You might think that the ingredients are enough to make a really great punch. But, if you want to enhance your Pink Panty Dropper experience, add some lemon slices for extra added flavor. Helpful hint when making a batch of Pink Pantry Dropper punch--make it a few hours ahead of time and let it sit so that the flavors really marry before you serve it to your thirsty crowd.


Mark Perea