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Shooter Recipes: A

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A Bedrock #2
Kahlua, Sambuca
A Canuck Who Got Fucked
Canadian Whisky, Labatt Blue
A Kick In The Crotch
Blue Curacao, Cranberry Juice, Vodka
A Raspberry Shot
Lemonade, Raspberry Vodka
Absolut Vodka, Sambuca, Spearmint Schnapps
Absinthe, After Shock Liqueur
Amaretto, Southern Comfort, Sweet and Sour Mix
Abba Nugget
Soy Sauce, Vodka
Amaretto, Baileys Irish Cream, Cognac
Abortion #1
Grenadine, Irish Cream, Sambuca
Abortion #2
Baileys Irish Cream, Strawberry Schnapps
Abortion #3
Baileys Irish Cream, Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, Light Rum, Triple Sec
Abortion #6
Baileys Irish Cream, Grenadine, Peach Schnapps
Absinthe Sour
Absinthe, Lemon Juice, Sugar
Absolut Bitch
Absolut Vodka, Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, Tuaca
Absolut Death
Absolut Peppar Vodka, Absolut Vodka, Prune Juice
Absolut Dew
Absolut Citron Vodka, Lime Juice, Sour Mix, Triple Sec
Absolut Heaven
7-Up, Absolut Vodka, Amaretto, Dekuyper Razzmatazz, Sour Mix
Absolut Legspreader
Absolut Vodka, Midori
Absolut Mind-F*ck
Absolut Citron Vodka, Absolut Kurant Vodka, Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Absolut Vodka, Gin, Sour Mix
Absolut Royalty
Absolut Vodka, Amaretto, Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, Cranberry Juice, Peach Schnapps, Sour Mix
Absolutly Wild
Absolut Citron Vodka, Wildberry Schnapps
Acapulco Bay
Absolut Citron Vodka, Blue Curacao, Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, Triple Sec
Acid Rain
Curacao, Irish Cream, Triple Sec
Acid Tab
Absinthe, Apricot Brandy, Port
Adios Mother F**ker #1
Kahlua, Tequila
After 5
Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, Peppermint Schnapps
After 8 Mint
Tia Maria, White Creme de Menthe
After Birth
7-Up, Tequila, Wild Turkey 80 Proof Bourbon
After Dinner Mint
Baileys Irish Cream, Green Creme de Menthe, Swiss Chocolate Almond
After Eight
Creme de Menthe, Irish Cream, Kahlua
After Eight (desert)
Baileys Irish Cream, Green Creme de Menthe, Kahlua
After Eight Mint
Creme de Menthe, Peppermint Schnapps
Afterburner #1
After Shock Liqueur, Bacardi 151 Proof Rum
Afterburner #2
Peppermint Schnapps, Tia Maria
Afterburner #3
Cherry Whiskey, Tea
Agent 99
Anisette, Grand Marnier, Parfait Amour
Agent Orange #5
Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Grand Marnier, Orange Juice, Triple Sec
Alabama Slamma
7-Up, Southern Comfort
Alabama Slammer #7
Amaretto, Orange Juice, Sloe Gin, Southern Comfort
Alabama Slammer #8
Amaretto, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Sloe Gin, Southern Comfort
Albertan Asshole
Amaretto, Orange Juice, Vodka
Creme de Menthe, Sambuca
Alice In Wonderland
Grand Marnier, Tequila, Tia Maria
Alien Piss
7-Up, Apple Pucker, Blue Curacao, Sweet and Sour Mix, Yukon Jack
Alien Secretion #2
Malibu Rum, Midori, Pineapple Juice
Alien Secretion #3
Absolut Citron Vodka, Midori, Sour Mix
Alligator Pie
Baileys Irish Cream, Banana Liqueur, Melon Liqueur, Whipped Cream
Alligator Piss
Amaretto, Melon Liqueur, Peach Schnapps, Southern Comfort, Sweet and Sour Mix
Alligator Tail
Grenadine, Jagermeister, Midori
Almond Joy Shooter
Amaretto, Irish Cream, Swiss Chocolate Almond
Altered State
Golden Pear, Irish Cream, Kahlua
Alternate Mudslide
Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, Peppermint Schnapps
Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Grenadine, Ketel One Vodka, Pineapple Juice
Amandas Panty Dropper
Peach Pucker, Sprite, Vodka
Amaretto Chill
Amaretto, Lemonade Mix, Pineapple Juice, Vodka
Amaretto Kamikazi
Amaretto, Sweet and Sour Mix, Vodka
Amaretto, Bushmill's Irish Whiskey
American Flag
Blue Curacao, Grenadine, Vodka
Ande's Mint
Baileys Irish Cream, Green Creme de Menthe, Kahlua
Andorian Milk
Blue Curacao, Milk
Beer, Coca Cola
Andys Candie
Cream, Rumple Minze, White Creme de Cacao
Aneurysm #1
Black Haus Blackberry Schnapps, Ouzo
Aneurysm #2
After Shock Liqueur, Bacardi 151 Proof Rum, Crown Royal, Jagermeister, Jose Cuervo, Orange Juice, Vanilla Extract
Angel's Hip
Benedictine, Irish Cream
Angel's Kiss #2
Irish Cream, Kahlua, Swiss Chocolate Almond
Angel's Tip
Creme de Cacao, Irish Cream
Angel's Wing #2
Brandy, Creme de Cacao, Irish Cream
Angelic Tear Drop
7-Up, Midori, Stolichnaya ( Stoli ) Raspberry Vodka, Sweet and Sour Mix
Angie's Favorite Oatmeal Cookie
Baileys Irish Cream, Goldschlager, Jagermeister
7-Up, Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Orange Juice
Angry Fijian
Baileys Irish Cream, Banana Liqueur, Malibu Rum
Anh's Nipple Man
Baileys Irish Cream, Butterscotch Ripple Schnapps, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
Ankles In The Air
Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Malibu Rum, Orange Juice, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice
Another Shit On The Grass
Baileys Irish Cream, Creme de Menthe
Aquavit, Tequila
Anti Freeze #3
Midori, Sprite, Vodka
Anti Freeze #4
Midori, Pineapple Juice, Rumple Minze
Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, Midori
Apache Flag
Bacardi 151 Proof Rum, Creme de Menthe, Grenadine
Baileys Irish Cream, Blue Curacao, Kahlua
Apple Bomb
Apple Juice, Cinnamon, Vodka, Whipped Cream
Apple F**ker
Apple Pucker, Bacardi 151 Proof Rum
Apple Jacks
Apple Pucker, Jack Daniel's Whiskey
Apple Pie #4
Dekuyper Hot Damn 100 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps, Sour Apple Pucker
Apple Pie Shooter
Apple Juice, Cinnamon, Vodka
Apple Pie Shooters
Apple Juice, Cinnamon, Vodka, Whipped Cream
Apple Pie Shot
Apple Cider, Cinnamon, Vodka, Whipped Cream
Apple Pie Shots
Apple Juice, Cinnamon, Southern Comfort
Apple Pucker F**ker
Absolut Vodka, Apple Pucker, Watermelon Pucker
Apple Slammer
Apple Schnapps, Sprite
Apple Stroke-o-nut
Apple Cinnamon Schnapps, Coconut Rum, Strawberry Liqueur
Apple Turnover
Apple Juice, Vodka, Whipped Cream
Area 51
Bacardi 151 Black Bat Rum, Jagermeister, Midori
Arkansas Slammer
Beer, Vodka, Wine
Arkansas Snowshoe
Bacardi 151 Proof Rum, Ice 101
Armageddon #1
Hot Sauce, Mezcal
Armenian Knockout
Bacardi Rum, Everclear, Vodka, Water
Arte Shooter
Grenadine, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Vodka
Artery Shooter
Galliano, Tabasco Sauce, Vodka
Asian Orange
Grand Marnier, Lime Juice
Ass Burner
Goldschlager, Wild Turkey 80 Proof Bourbon
Assisted Suicide
Everclear, Jagermeister, Jolt Cola
Asthma Attack
Amaretto, Bacardi 151 Proof Rum, Dekuyper Razzmatazz, Everclear
Astro Pop
Blue Curacao, Cinnamon Schnapps, Goldschlager, Jagermeister, Midori, Rumple Minze
Astro Pop 2
151 Proof Rum, Creme de Banane, Grenadine, Midori, Vodka
Instant Coffee, Lime, Sugar, Vodka
Asymmetric's Prozac
Goldschlager, Jagermeister, Sambuca
Atom Bomb
Absinthe, Brandy
Atomic Bomb Shooter
Rye Whiskey, Tequila
Atomic Drop
Rum, Tabasco Sauce, Tequila
Atomic Fireball
Bacardi 151 Proof Rum, Cinnamon Schnapps, Tabasco Sauce
Atomic Thunderf**k
151 Proof Rum, Melon Liqueur, Orange Juice, Sour Mix, Triple Sec, Vodka
Aunt Verne
Jagermeister, Tequila, Yukon Jack
Avalanche Shooter
Creme de Cacao, Kahlua, Southern Comfort
Avion Shot
Avion Silver Tequila, Lime Juice, Passion Fruit Nectar, Sugar
Malibu Rum, Peach Schnapps
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