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Drinking Games - Card - S

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Beer, Cards, People
Screw Your Neighbor
4+ people, Alcohol
At least 3 people, Deck of cards, Drinks
Shot Poker
Beer, Deck of cards, Lots of shot glasses, Players, 5 or more works best
Beer, People
Slap Happy
Deck of cards, Hard liquor
2 people (1 if your really bored), Beer, Deck of cards
Beer, Cards, People
3-6 people is best, but can be more, 4-6 beer per person, Deck of cards
A number of spoons, A table, Cards, Four or more people, Oh yeah, beer helps too…
Stick The Jack
3 or more people, Beer or other alcohol, Deck of cards
Ample amounts of drinks on hand, Deck of cards or 2
6+ persons, A deck of cards, A lot of beer
Suicide #2
2 or more players, Alcohol, Deck of cards
A deck of cards, At least 4 people, Lots of beer
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