Red Army Vodka

This product is no longer sold in the US. Please do not email for availability. If we ever find a cache of this product, there will be a price and order button on the page. Russian Vodka From The Motherland Gold Medal Winner 1999 International Liquors and Vodka Competition, Moscow The Red Army Vodka recipe was originally developed in the mid 1920s for the enjoyment of the Russian military elite. Today, Red Army Vodka is recreated exclusively in small batches at a private distillery in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. This ultra-premium vodka bursts with the flavor of the finest grains and the smoothness of Russian know-how. Four-times distilled and nine-times filtered to the most exacting specifications of the original recipe, Red Army Vodka is here to serve your party. We challenge you to compare it side-by-side with any vodka and you?ll discover why a taste revolution is underway. For more information, please visit: WARNING: Do not attempt to pass through airport security with this bottle.

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